We are a small but select breeder of Portuguese Water Dogs situated half way between Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

At the present time I am breeding in co-ownership with Cyndi Morin (Morfends) and we are working together to produce healthy, happy, family oriented PWDs.

 For over 25 years Rottweilers and Cairn Terriers were the breeds we shared our home and lives with.   (I hope to breed cairn terriers again in a couple of years).  I produced and showed many rottweilers and cairns to their Canadian Championships and competed in obedience and agility also.  I was a CKC CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) evaluator for many years, I taught obedience, obility and rally classes and held small informative workshops on picking the right breed for your family and lifestyle along with another well respected dog breeder and trainer who has unfortunately for me and the dog world, passed away.   I am consulted by several small animal veterinary clinics and help owners with behaviour and/or general training questions with their dogs.

  We were very fortunate to have many great dogs over the years and were able to provide families with loving and faithful companions for many years.  We are hoping to be able to do the same with the Portuguese Water Dog.