I am amazed by the versatility and gentleness of the Portuguese Water Dog.   I have many years of experience breeding purebred dogs and also many years of experience in the veterinary field along with teaching obedience and obility (obility is obedience and agility all mixed into one class) classes as well as competing myself.  

The Portuguese Water Dog was bred as a working dog and to this day still retains the characteristics of a loyal companion who excels at just about anything you ask them to do.   The PWD loves to work and loves to play.  They have a natural sense of humour that is guaranteed to make you laugh even on the hardest days.  

Winnie plays agility, is training for sport scent detection and is presently competing in Rally obedience.  She also loves to hike, snowshoe, runs with me when i bike and her favorite thing is to come along with me while I ride my horse.  I am planning on teaching her to ride on the saddle with me too but not until after the puppies arrive.

Visit the following sites to learn more about the breed

  • www.pwdcc.org
  • www.pwdca.org
  • www.thekennelclub.org